Do you want to sail differently next season? In order to allow you to enjoy both family cruises and watersports, the Sealver brands created the Wave Boat.

These crafts (boats and rigid inflatable boats) are powered and driven by a watercraft. You have a two-in-one model, made for both recreational boating and water activities.

The Wave Boat is versatile and autonomous. The watercraft come off easily to practice your favorite sport at any time. The three major brands of watercrafts (Yamaha, Seadoo et Kawasaki) perfectly adapt to the different models manufactured by Sealver, with a power from 90 to 300 CV.

From the rigid inflatable model WB 575, functioning and performing, to the WB 525 that welcomes up to 6 people on board for a pleasant day of sunbathing and picnic, Sealver offers a range of crafts that will meet your needs. Indeed, the different Sealver boats adapt to recreational boating, fishing, various water sports and activities but also for a professional use.

Consult our catalog of Sealver Wave Boats available at Dion Sealver, your official dealer in Canada.