: Where can I buy a Wave Boat?

: You can find the list of authorized dealers on our website.

: How do I become a Sealver dealer?

: If you are interested in becoming a Sealver dealer, please fill out this form and a sales representative will contact you to discuss about your project.


Q : Do I need to trailers to transport my Wave Boat and my watercraft?

: Our Wave Boat are deliver with a special trailer that allows you to transport your WB and your PWC at the same time.

Q : Is the Wave Boat to heavy for my PWC?

: Our Wave Boat weigh between 310kg and 650kg. Our WB are not too heavy for your PWC. The engine/weight ratio is the same as Yamaha or BRP turbine boats, which use the same engines as those in their PWC.

: Is my PWC powerfull enough to propelled my Wave Boat?

: A PWC between 90hp and 300hp will be powerfull enough. Depending on the nautical activities you are planning to do, we suggest the following HP:

WB444 : 90HP to 300HP

WB525 : 130HP to 300HP

WB656 : 150HP to 300HP

Q : Is this to much wear and tear for my watercraft?

A: No. Your PWC has a turbine engine. Their systems run a turbine pump which draws water in and expels it through a nozzle. It is the force of the water that allow your PCW to go forward. When you add the weight of the WB, your PWC’s turbine will draw the same amount of water. You won’t lose any power but you will slightly decrease the speed of your PWC, which is quite the opposite with a conventional propelled engine.

Q : Will the use of my Wave Boat increase my fuel consumption?

: The fuel consumption is relative to the speed at which you are riding. When you ride your PWC, most people use it at high speed, which makes consumption higher. With the WB, you will ride at a constant speed so your fuel consumption should be more or less the same.

Q : Is it legal to navigate at night with my Wave Boat?

: The WB525 Full Wake, WB656 Sundeck and WB656 Full Wake are delivered with navigation light.

Q : Can I ride my Wave Boat in rough water?

: There is a compatibility kit for each PCW model. That compatibility kit includes one track at the front of your PWC, 2 to 4 tracks on each side as well as a buckle system at the back of the PWC. Once the PWC is in place, the WB will react like a standard boat, allowing you to ride forward or reverse.


: How can I order parts for my Wave Boat?

: Contact your local dealer to order parts.

Q : What is the warranty on Sealver Boats?

: The warranty is 5 years on the boat and 1 year on accessories.

Q : Will the use of a Wave Boat void my PWC warranty?

A : No because there are no restrictions on your engine.

Q : If I change the make/model of my watercraft, will it be compatible with my Wave Boat?

: Thanks to our compatibility kits for each PWC brand and our buckle strap system, the Wave Boat is compatible with most Sea-Doo (except Spark), Yamaha (except EX Deluxe) and Kawasaki models. To order a new compatibility kit, you must contact your local dealer.